Liv and Nod - A Marquee Wedding in the Rain in Witney July 2017

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Liv and Nod

Marquee Wedding in Oxfordshire

When the Bride's email address references a fish and water borne disease then you know this is not going to be your standard wedding. I wasn't wrong. This is Liv and Nod. And when you look at them you see what I saw. A delightful couple, living in London, coming home to Oxfordshire to have a spectacular wedding. All true. But these guys drive their own bus (metaphorically) their own way. Love it. For instance, when I explained that the weather was looking iffy (and it did rain ALL day) I asked what alternative locations did we have for the family groups. The answer..."Umbrellas!". This is a crew not worried about getting their hands dirty. I've had plenty of clients who were musical. In fact this wedding came as a recommendation from Eleanor and Tim who also had a very musical spirited day. But when the Bride arrives by taxi toting a trumpet you know she’s taking her own path. Why would she arrive with a trumpet in hand? Easy. She's playing herself in (with the help of one of her best friends..the same best friend that would deliver the sermon and would invite all the children to come up and draw pictures of the couple). A ceremony laced with music. From an aria (sung by Eleanor herself) to an African 'hymn'. This was all very personal. Once we made our way back to the Bride's Father's house (not before passing the Groom's father riding his Brompton fold away bike in the rain complete with top hat and tails) for a reception and evening. But man did it pour. With guests huddled under the veranda I went with Liv and Nod for a tour of a gorgeous garden which never got the adulation it deserved as folks were never really able to mingle amongst the flower beds, pergola and cosmos that were so lovingly grown. Following the hog roast and awesome speeches we were once again entertained by two pairs of friend musicians singing, playing piano, saxophones and clarinets. Not only did we get to laugh at the bar scene music in Star Wars but we all joined in on Bare Necessities from Jungle Book. The night (for me anyway) ended with loads of awesome dancing led by a Brazilian band. They sang nothing anyone knew. But no one cared. They samba'd the night away. Total. Freaking. Magic!