Bethan and Stefan - Larmer Tree Gardens Wedding Photography August

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Bethan and Stefan

Good golly Ms Molly. The day that Pope became King. A clever play on the Bride's maiden name and her new surname. This was always going to be a super wedding. Unquestionably so. When I woke to find a dull sky and a wet mist I was a little disappointed. With the afternoon and evening destined to be at Larmer Tree Gardens I wondered how the day would go in the rain. My fears were slowly dismissed as the rain stopped, skies brightened and the sun shone. The gardens became the backdrop for one of the finest weddings I've ever had the pleasure to photograph. My relationship with them went back a few years to Amy and Miles' wedding. Beth was a Bridesmaid and I was only too happy to get the call last year. I guess I just didn't know HOW awesome the day was going to be. From touching moments to great laughs to wonderful families and colourful friends. The planets aligned and we even got a fantabulous dusk shot with flowing veil. Seriously...this wedding has left an impression on me. One that I will never forget!