Weybridge Registry and the Toby Cottage - Surrey - Elaine and Tony December

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Elaine and Tony

Weybridge Registry and Toby Cottage

Wham bam, thank you m'am. That's the theme for the wedding of Elaine and Tony. Well, for me it was. Normally I arrive a few hours before the ceremony with the Bride gently photographing dresses, shoes and Bridesmaids. Then its a gentle 'stroll' to the ceremony. Followed by couple photos, family photos, guest photos, speeches and dancing. STOP! Not today sunshine. This is short coverage, 'Fugitive' paced action where its go go go. Not that this is a problem. It was all done before I even realised it. They set me some challenges even I've never had to deal with. Like couple photos exclusively in a car park. Oh, and 5 minutes to get them done. Family groups for which some were in an area with a ceiling so low I couldn't even stand up. Plus the 35 minute drinks reception. Would I have changed it? Hell no. What a fantastic, exhilarating, fun, jovial, spirited experience. I loved it. I called on every bit of my 13 years of experience to make this work. That, my friend, is a great afternoon. I guess I should mention locations. The ceremony was Weybridge Registry Office and the reception that followed took place at Toby Cottage in Ripley. Thanks for having me. I did laugh...a lot!