Emma and Jordan at Gate Street Barn April

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Emma and Jordan

Only two things come from Suffolk. Steers and …. or was that Arkansas. As we learned in Office and a Gentleman, the soldier always gets the girl. This was no different. An adorable couple is one way you can describe Emma and Jordan. Steely and determined is another. Despite his tours abroad and the time away the love between them never stopped them being together in other ways. I know all about long distance relationships. But I could never truly know the difficult times that come from being seperated in the ways they have been. Faith, courage and a touch of good luck I reckon. Right. Enough of the tear jerking. What about that wedding. Wow. Fantastic. From the most beautiful country church I have ever set foot in, that being St Peters in Hascombe, to the top of the class, best in the business, no other superlative can do, Gate Street Barn. Add in great family, a bride from Vogue and a groom from GQ (or Shiny Boots Monthly) and you've got a day you'll never forget. Surrey never had it so good. A special thanks to James Stewart, Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, who came along to play the part of Darren. Its worth mention that some of the shots that appear in this slideshow are his.