Charlotte and Paul - Wedding Photography at Tithe Barn August

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Charlotte and Paul

Some jobs you never want to screw up. OK, let's be fair, I don't ever want to screw anything up and so far so good. But when the client is your old next door neighbour the stakes seem to get immesurably harder. I remember when Charlotte moved into Paul's house as a roommate. At least I had always assumed that was the case. Maybe there was a clever plan in place that I never realised. Just call me Mr Roper (warning if the exceedingly American reference to 'Threes Company' goes over your head just kindly smile and move along). Whatever the real story is I remember the change from a lads pad to the eventual saving of Paul (and his house) by Charlotte. Shooting the wedding of someone you know but not thoroughly is a wonderful experience. I learned things about them both I never knew. Who knew Charlotte could tap dance. There's video evidence to prove it. Shamefully it was a rather modern song and the fact that the video was played to the entire wedding during her father's speech was a bit of shock to her. Then there's Paul. He loves talking about war and can't stand Americans. I did actually protest during the speeches at this fact. Apparently I'm not a normal American. Sweet relief I tell you. All kidding aside it was just wonderful to be part of their day. They are a very special couple. Congratulations!