Civil Wedding at Tithe Barn, Hampshire - Natalie and Des July

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Natalie and Desmond

Stalkers. If you're Brad Pitt its probably NOT a good thing. But for little old me, it makes me quite giddy. You know the type...the ones that can rattle off a series of favourite shots from the last 42 weddings. Natalie is that person. Whilst it might seem daunting or downright scary I can assure you that if they're a balanced person this can only be a good thing. Good news, Nat. You seem pretty balanced to me. So it was the wedding of a fireman and a marketing guru at the lovely Tithe Barn just outside of Petersfield, Hampshire. Luckily the only thing burning at the end of the night was the dancefloor (author groans at a terrible pun). No matter how you slice it up it was, one of my best days at Tithe Barn. A gorgeous Bride, lovely weather, hunky groom (notice I put Des after the weather -- don't want to start any rumours), a wonderful family and gracious guests. Not to mention a fantabulous ShootBooth (Photo Booth) in the evening. Nat and Des...thanks for hiring us and allowing us to do the things you knew we could do. I really appreciate it!