Alexandra and David - Christmas Wedding at Tithe Barn December

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Alexandra and David

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, Ring-ting-tingling too, Come on, it's lovely weatherm For a sleigh ride together with you. Well, let's be honest, there was distinct lack of snow in rural Hampshire for the wedding of Alexandra and David. Our story begins in the wonderful little village of Odiham. Judging by the memorabilia on the walls of the house it may not have been where Alexanda (or Lexi) spent all of her formative years, but it was enough to call this home and for her and David to be married in the gorgeous All Saints Parish Church. Its a wonderful (tempted to say little, buts it actually quite large) church in the heart of the village (or is it a town, I never know how to work it out). The air was cold, the mood warm and the choir positively divine! Instead of the usual "marriage and go" the church hosted mulled wine and mince pies. The beauty of a local wedding with local people. Once completely covered in confetti it was time to make our way to Tithe Barn across near Petersfield. A venue I've worked out so many times I can't recall. Its a fantastic venue which can accommodate large numbers of guests. Precisely what they needed. There the fine team of Jacaranda (led by the Superman of catering, JJ) kept everything running perfectly (as always). Good times, great speeches, the dynamic Atlantic Soul Orchestra and a bit of a Shootinghip Photobooth kept the evening going. Thanks for a brilliant day not to be forgotten.