Megan and Stephen at Tithe Barn May

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Megan and Stephen

The farmer gets a wife. Hmm. That's not exactly true. Megan's family own a well known garden centre so its kind of close. Oh and of course that would mean the farmer gets a husband. Work with me here! Maybe the best bit is that you can actually find sunshine in them there photos. Finally the weather started to break (which as I type this after two weeks of super high temperatures seems an age ago). Megan sported a fabulous dress. Which in itself is pretty wicked as she a self proclaimer lover of wellies and a simple jumper. We all got to live a little that day. A big high-five to Megan's brother Sam who managed to break free of the chains of an extended hospital stay to be best man (and best brother). Despite a rather nasty accident (and a wound photo that won him £1000 from Nuts magazine -- pretty gruesome), Sam ventured out to deliver his speech and stand by Stephen's side. His speech did lack the 'would all please stand'Ö.but can you blame him. A lovely day with lovely people.