Catherine and Paul's Wedding in South Harting and Tithe Barn August

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Catherine and Paul

Some people hire a planner to take the stress out. Others organise things themselves by getting a florist, a stylist, hairdressers etc. Catherine…well, she lives dangerously. Not only did she do her own makeup (not that unheard of)…but she also did her own flowers. But then, she would….she's a florist. I thought she was a little bit brave. There's a lot to do on the morning of a wedding…not to mention the lead up. Add in the fact that there were two locations, both needing to be 'dressed' for the day. All power to her. She did an amazing job. Paul and Catherine met at university in Stirling. For him, not a long way but for Catherine it must have seemed a whole world away. The south coast to near enough Glasgow. An epic journey when you have your 'stuff' in tow. Paul's family…along with many aunties and uncles…made the reverse journey to Hampshire for the wedding. We even threw in some sunshine. The church at South Harting is an amazing find. Yes, I realise its been there for years but I hadn't actually been inside. What a delight. A perfect setting for a wonderful wedding. As for Tithe Barn, what can I say. I feel a bit like Harry Potter in that I should be living under the stairs I'm there so often. Home away from home. For more information on Catherine's Hampshire Wedding Flowers go to