Clare and Jon - Summer Wedding at Tithe Barn June

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Clare and Jon

Love truly did lift us up where we belong. Oh yes that classic song from "An Officer and Gentleman". Richard Gere bursting into the factory wearing his Navy dress whites. Heck, even I got weak in the knees at that point. Sadly HM Navy don't seem to have dress whites...not was this wedding in a factory (thank goodness). But this doesn't mean that it wasn't as equally knee wobbling for Jon and Clare. They met over a radar...true story...the rest is just PRR, and I'm guessing it was rather quick (see, I tried to use a radar term there, only they will know if I got it right). Tithe Barn was, as Clare was, looking amazing. The trees were in full bloom, the sky blue, the temperature perfect. Clare is a Kiwi so it was great to fool the others into believing our weather was like that all the time (suckers). It was great to work with (but not actually see this time) Tiger Rose. Equally lovely was working again with Vanilla who always take care of me. To be honest it was about as perfect of a day at Tithe Barn as I can wish for. Thanks to Jon and Clare for having me along. I really enjoyed being part of your day.