Portsmouth Cathedral and Tithe Barn Wedding - Nicola and Mark July

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Nicola and Mark

I've been asked recently if I had a room at Tithe Barn. It seems like I certainly deserve one. Thing is, the Tithe Barn is a challenging place to work. Sadly a lot of the competition pretty much tank it. Get good at it and there you go. I'm always delighted to work there. Its just down the road and you never have to worry about a pile up on the motorway. Do I sound like an old man? Mr Meldrew. Working with Nicola and Mark gave a different spin on Tithe Barn. In the first instance the wedding took place in the Anglican Cathedral in Portsmouth. Sadly they have a very strict no photography policy. Shame really. But never mind there was still lots more to be covered from a unique 'extra' drinks reception on the lawn of the Cathedral to a mini shoot with the guys before the whole thing kicked off. Not to mention their kids...although as they are all of legal drinking age kids is not exactly the correct way to describe them. Great fun and a great day out in Hampshire.