Alex and Aaron Get Married at Tithe Barn August

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Alex and Aaron

Aaron tried to sell me the biggest lie. "Alex isn't comfortable in front of the camera", he said. I could only take him at face value. OK…maybe he didn't lie…perhaps their baseline was a bit different from mine. From my position I can say…she certainly didn't seem to NOT like it. Of course, how could she…she was (is) stunning. The dress…her hair. An awesome combination. Aaron, in his Army uniform was pretty easy on the eye as well (or so my wife tells me). Their attention to detail and countless great ideas went a long way to making their wedding individual to them. One of the best was their 'Wedding Tree'. A large print with the outline of a tree with branches and enough 'shoots' to allow everyone the chance to dip their finger or thumb in ink and leave a piece of themselves along with a signature. Of course, I wouldn't be crossing these two any time soon or you might just get implicated in the next CSI episode. As a Tithe Barn wedding photographer I was delighted to photograph such an amazing wedding. Awesome couple, wonderful guests…even a VM camper van.