Spring Wedding at Tithe Barn of Charlotte and Callum April

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Charlotte and Callum

Callum and Charlotte are two delightful folks who put on a tremendous wedding at Tithe Barn in April. Dodging rainy days and glorious sunshine they hit the middle of the road with a grey day that was brightened by great smiles and lovely people. It all started at The Spread Eagle in Midhurst. One of the many go to places that couples who use the Tithe Barn head for. The main suite is nothing short of amazing, steeped in history and architecture. Much like Tithe Barn and its rustic heritage. I'm delighted to be a recommended photography supplier at Tithe Barn. All that experience means I can cover any wedding in any weather there. I was equally matched by the experience of both Wright Choice catering and DJ Ashley Riggs. Great speeches and a rocking dance floor helped round of my wonderful day with Charlotte and Callum. Thank you to Charlotte and Callum for allowing me to be part of it.