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The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" take on an exponential multiplier when you, the viewer, can see and feel what is happening in front of you through the unspoken language of the eyes. I sat down to sift through thousands of images and I was struck at how I am drawn to images that tell a story. The best stories were the ones that communicated everything you needed to know through the eyes of the people in the photograph. It is certainly what I look for when I photograph weddings. In further reducing the number of images (there were intially over 500 selections) I began to realise that the eyes told stories in many ways. You can see humour, love, surprise, shock, admiration, nervousness, fear and solitude. I also learned that eyes that are closed can tell a story too. I hope you enjoy the 281 images in this gallery. Do be patient if it's a little slow to load (and probably best to do it on wifi if you're on a phone). Happy viewing.