Meon Valley Wedding Photography - G&T's Autumn Wedding October

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Hampshire Wedding Photography

Some days sneak up on you. A few things set your expectations and just when you think you know what its all about...BOOM. The rug gets pulled. Ride the rug. The wedding of G&T (yes, that's what 'they' go by) at the Meon Valley Hotel was a rug puller. It went ways I never expected. G didn't want any Bridal prep. This always depresses me. But she decided a wee bit at the end was ok. It was, by far, the best bit. Brilliant light and two of her sisters made for perhaps the best 15 minutes of prep ever. The ceremony was 'soft' and tender. Loving and emotional. Fun. Then the rain came. Another 'WTx' moment. All I could think was 'great...everyone trapped inside'. Oh how I was wrong. Everyone tight together, some decent light and a brilliant receiving line (unplanned) and I was loving it. The moody skies creating a soft glow. On to the wedding breakfast and speeches. Fascinating stories from both of their past. Totally engaging. The first dance caught me by surprise too. A choreographed number and lots of big smiles. I'll never forget the day I spent with these guys.