Laura and Luke - London Wedding in Wandsworth - Shootinghip August 2017

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Laura and Luke

London Wedding Photographer

This was no normal London wedding. Sure, I got an Uber. And yeah, I walked from the Bridal prep to the ceremony venue. But I also got to park for free. That's a win ;) This is the wedding of Laura and Luke which takes use from The Alma Hotel opposite Wandsworth Town station, to Wandsworth Town Hall and eventually to The Jolly Gardeners pub. This wedding had so many facets. From the boutique hotel where Laura got ready to a grand chamber that held the ceremony to the urban pub that hosted the reception and evening celebrations. Laura and Luke were clear that being in photos wasn't their favourite thing (well, Luke more than Laura). So that was my cue to exude relaxing thoughts and be just one of the crowd. I'm pretty happy Luke's GQ skills on the couple shoot and the rest of it he nailed. Laura...of course she did. She was just saying that to make Luke feel better. She nailed it.