Tithe Barn Wedding Photography - Matt and Ange October 2016

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Matt and Ange

Tithe Barn Wedding

Autumn was in all its splendour for the wedding of Matt and Ange at the glorious Tithe Barn, Ditcham in Hampshire. I've been to Tithe Barn many times in many seasons and its hard to beat the end of October for the colourful gems that await. I was helped on the day by my great friend Sue Riggs. We started with Ange and the girls at home in Liss Forest. I had been there a few weeks previous to photograph their cherub of a son, Lucas. I was keen to work in a bit of his influence in their lives so if you look closely you might see one of two things. Get your Sherlock Holmes on. When Hector the VW Bus arrived I knew it was time to head to the barn and see how Matt was getting on. The answer was pretty well. He was being adored by all the ladies, a situation that would later become known to be a regular thing (the things you learn in speeches). The weather was brilliant for the end of October and we managed to get out for most of the drinks reception. I was eager to get started on the couples portraits because I knew what was coming. The amazing colours that I would get to work into them is something I wait for all year. I wasn't disappointed. That's not to say that every part of this day was fantastic. I just knew how awesome it is for me, as a photographer, to see those opportunities and get to utilise them. Dreamy. The rest of the day was, as predicted, amazing. Fab band, fab speeches, fab food. Classic day with incredible people.

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