Tithe Barn Wedding Photography - Louise and David September 2016

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Louise and David

Hampshire Wedding Photographer - Tithe Barn

EPIC! It's probably the best word I can use to describe Louise and David's incredible day at St Michael's in North Waltham and Tithe Barn near Petersfield. I met with Louise and 'the girls'. Saying I met with them might be a bit of a stretch. I arrived at Louise's parents house to find a Bride, a youthful Bridesmaid and her parents. No sign of the gaggle (official term) of Bridesmaids. But we carry on. Louise's hair is done. We carry on. Louise's make up is done. We carry on. Louise is now fully dressed and chilling in the lounge. We can stop carry on. The gaggle has returned. Women can get dressed pretty sharpish when 'inspired' to do so. Off to church I go to meet Darren and the guys (and guests). A charming service (with me in a prime position...thank you Vicar) and before we knew we were out the door for the timely drive to Tithe Barn. The Bride and Groom arrived early on so we took advantage of the time before guests arrived to shoot their couple photos. After a short set of family groups it was now time just to cover the day as we saw it. The fun, the laughter, banter and love. Top speeches, some tender moments and a great party. This is David and Louise at Tithe Barn.

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