Helen and Matt - November Wedding at Tithe Barn November

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Helen and Matt

Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Helen was just as I remember her. Why's that you ask? Helen has previously featured in the eye of my lens at her sister Liz's a number of years ago. So I was no stranger to the house when I arrived to follow the girls. I also remembed the secret that lays in her father's garage. Oh yes. A classic Bentley. Tithe Barn, once again, played itself as a fantastic host on a damp day. The beauty of the barn is that once inside its irrelevant what's taking place out. Today was a tale of happiness tinged with a bit of sad. The wedding, the couple, the family...all happiness. The bit of sad? This was the last time I would get the pleasure of working with their caterers, Dennys. They have decided to retire from weddings and with them goes a couple that I have always loved working with not to mention some of the best food around. Conversely we worked with Ollie, who happens to be their son, who is one of the top videographers around. Check out his website at Storybook Films. Helen and Matt were great fun to work with. Always smiling. A real life to a party. It all starts with the Bride and Groom (a mantra I have mentioned many time) and today was no exception. Relaxed, comfortable, happy. Not only does this describe Helen and Matt but the wedding day itself. For more wedding from the barn check out my recommended photographer at Tithe Barn page.