Tithe Barn Wedding Photography - Emma and Ashley July 2016

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Emma and Ashley

The summer weddings are coming in now thick and fast. Time for the cool bag and lots of water (and Red Bull). Ashley is a keen bird watcher. When I say keen I mean fantatical. It comes as little surprise to learn that part of the theme of the day centred around birds. The table names...all birds. The cake had an Ashley character with binoculars to his face. Even Emma's Dad's wedding joke was all about birds. (for the record, I did think to myself 'where is this all going' and then BAM! he hit me with the punch line...well played!) Tithe Barn was its usual gorgeousness. The gardens and trees are really coming into their own now. Slow burn, the summer of 2016. As always it was great to work with some other fantastic suppliers. The gorgeous flowers provided by Hampshire Wedding Florist, Heavenly Scent. Not to mention my good pal and extraordinary DJ Ashley Riggs.