Hampshire Wedding Photography - Emma and Andy - Tithe Barn July 2016

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Emma and Andy

Hampshire church wedding in Buriton and reception at Tithe Barn

All hail the Gingers! Don't worry. They'll love me for saying that. This is the wedding of Emma and Andy. A simply fantastic day at a few (and one new) of my favourite places on Earth. First (and new) is High Trees. Superb self catering accommodation near Chichester but a quick trip to Buriton and the second of my favourites. St Mary's Buriton is one of the best lit churches I've worked at. Their investment into lighting was a wise one. Finally, Tithe Barn. The jewel in Hampshire wedding barn arena. Of course all of these amazing locations are only perfect when you have the perfect couple. In Emma and Andy you couldn't ask for more. Positive, happy, laid back, thoughtful. They opted for a slightly different approach to their day. Afternoon tea provided by Brian at Wright Choice Catering created a wonderfully relaxed 'wedding breakfast' which would later give way to a Hog Roast. Brilliant thinking on their part. This was a great day, with brilliant people at wonderful location. Oh. I can't forget the flowers by Michelle at Someflower. Awesome!