Donna and John - Hampshire Wedding at Tithe Barn April 2017

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Donna and John

Hampshire Wedding Photographer

It's always the quiet ones. I met Donna and John in earnest only a few weeks before the wedding at Tithe Barn. The tone I got was reserved and never overstated. Very nice people. I'm not going to lie to you. Even after a few hours they are still quiet. But blow me down. Quiet in the wildest kind of way. This was wall to wall laughs. John has the best sarcastic humour going. Brought me down at least twice. Even had Darren laughing AT me, not WITH me. It was all very endearing. I met the girls at home. John was only outside waiting for the guests to arrive to take the vintage bus. I love that kind of buzz, knowing that the other half is only a few feet away. John and Donna seriously kitted the barn out. Styling supported by Someflower, CinemaTag and Brian Mole. It looked superb. With top catering provided by Wright Choice (and great photography) this was quite a team of experienced Tithe Barn suppliers. I was lucky...fortunate get the opportunity to share this day with them. Quiet. Reserved. My a***. Good times.