Bron and Kate - Wedding Photography at Tithe Barn June 2016

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Bronwyn and Katie

Oh I do love a Thursday wedding. It's always a treat to have a wedding in the middle (or end) of the week. At a time you weren't expecting. Something a bit different. I don't think it was the Thursday that made it so different. Let's see. You've got family from all over the world visiting. You've got a dog that walks down the aisle. You've got two Brides who walk down different aisles at the same time to meet at the front. Sadly, a guest is temporarily taken ill, the ceremony stop, a small chat reception takes over, an ambulance arrives (ultimately the guest does remain with the wedding and all is ok). You've got famous games on each table. You've got a big top feel with flashing coloured lights. You've got a couple who decided to combine letters from their maiden names to create a whole new surname. Where will it end? It doesn't have to. That's the beauty. And beautiful it was too. Thank you so much for having me there to share in your amazing day at Tithe Barn. Getting to know you both (and Gruffi too) was a true gift. Congratulations.