Bex and Bruno - Hampshire Wedding at Tithe Barn June 2017

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Bex and Bruno

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This is the wedding of Bex and Bruno. You have to admit, when you see the name Bruno, as I did on my email, your mind starts racing. There's Bruno Mars. Frank Bruno. Bruno Tonioli. This is no John...or Bob. I didn't expect to get a tall, good looking, blonde haired, gentle man who has a secret love of chess. But that's what I got. The perfect partner to Bex. Ahh...the lovely Bex. Always smiling, super organised. Spontaneous. They really do go rather well together. So. For reference, Bex got ready at Poet's Cottage, a gorgeous self catering option in Steep just outside of Petersfield. Bruno at The White Horse in Chilgrove. As you can tell, the ceremony and the rest of the day took place at Tithe Barn. I was amply taken care of by Tom at Tourelle Cuisine. Flowers by Michelle at Someflower and I was partnered with a videographer from DFilms. All in all, a great day.