Hampshire Wedding at Tithe Barn - Becky and Mark September 2016

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Becky and Mark

Hampshire Wedding Photography

The biggest benefit of living in Dubai may just be the ability to bring the weather with you. Mind you, at 11am we weren't so sure. This is the wedding of Becky and Mark at the glorious Tithe Barn near Petersfield. Its rare that I see anything I haven't seen before at a wedding at Tithe Barn but on this day, I did. The interior was lined with gorgeous lanterns and festoon lights. I've seen each individually but never together. I saw that almost all of the decorations were made by either Mark, Becky or the Dads. I saw a bucket of beer that still had loads of beer in it when the wedding breakfast had started (either they had too much beer or not enough drinkers). I saw a man's bottom in a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pants. I saw a ... well .. bottle opener shaped like .. well .. not a bottle opener (look for it). What I did see, which I'm fortunately to see a lot, was happy people, love for a fantastic couple and an atmosphere second to none.

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