Tithe Barn Wedding Photographer amazing space and location

Stunning Hampshire Wedding Venue

This is Tithe Barn near Petersfield. A perfect blend of rustic space with almost cathedral like qualities. You'll be hard pressed to find a barn with the same character. Since I'm a recommended wedding photographer at Tithe Barn I get the absolute pleasure of working there many times a year. At last count I've been there nearing 60 times. No matter how many times I go I'm always blown away by the amazing architecture and open space.

It's one of the few venues that can be a blank canvas. You can craft it to be exactly what you are looking for. From vintage decoration to modern lighting you have complete control on making the space exactly what you are looking for.

Its also a building steeped in history. The first mention of the land surrounding the barn date back to 1273 and whilst the buildings own story is a bit of mystery its now Grade II listed.

Practically, its complete with fully modern facilities ensuring that all your guests are perfectly looked after. As I'm there quite a bit I can also answer one question that I hear so so often. 'Is it cold in the winter?' Absolutely NOT. Underfloor heating and stone floors make for an incredibly cosy atmosphere. Its one of the few venues I work at in the winter where I don't wear a jumper.

The grounds that surround it are peaceful and filled with rustic charm. I'm so proud to be recommended there and call the folks who run it friends.

The venue is fully licensed for weddings and can accommodate as many as 200 or more people should you require it. The space and flexibility means I've seen weddings from 40 to 220 all work perfectly.


Something for You to Watch

Here are a few slideshows from recent weddings at Tithe Barn. I will continue to update this page throughout the year. So feel free to visit every few months.