Carol and Rob - Southdowns Manor in West Sussex June 2017

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Carol and Rob

Hampshire and Sussex Wedding Photographer

This wedding goes across county lines. This would prove to be in no way as controversial as it always seemed to be in The Dukes of Hazzard. I'm showing my age. I started with Carol, the Bridesmaids and her Parents at home near Portsmouth. I largely relaxed affair with lots of laughs and even a code word .. 'aubergine'. It's not important. Meanwhile, in Buriton, my Darren for the day, Sophie, was busy witnessing Rob (Robin) being transformed into a dodgy street seller of watches and sunglasses. This was never going to be a normal day. St Mary's church in Buriton hosted a fantastic ceremony, always led with grace and style by its lovely Vicar, Judith. The lighting at the church is quite simply some of the best you'll find. After the ceremony we ventured out to the path by the fields for some very rural photos of the couple. I'm quite pleased with how it all turned out. Afterwards, we ventured back to Southdowns Manor, a fantastic manor house venue just inside the West Sussex border. I didn't even have to jump a closed bridge in the General Lee (connective comedy - see what I did there). There it was all fun and games, good food (no aubergines), excellent speeches and some rather impressive dancing by the guys. It's not often the dance floor is filled with men. I like it!