OJ and Tony - A Secret Garden Wedding in Wiltshire at Larmer Tree July 2017

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Olwen and Tony

Secret Garden Wedding

Meet OJ (or Olwen) and Tony. This is a wedding that's a little bit different to what we normally see here. This is a 'secret' garden wedding at the amazing Larmer Tree Gardens in Wiltshire. OJ and Tony had a vision. A very clear vision as to what they were hoping for. Take a venue like Larmer Tree which is perfectly suitable for 100 guests and make it feel more intimate, almost a secret, perfect for say 13 guests. Get married in the temple with the guests watching in short rows in the warm sunshine. Sit out on blankets with their very own picnic hampers whilst the old music on a wind up gramaphone soothes the afternoon away. Then, say their goodbyes and leave for an amazing honeymoon as the sun is beginning to dip. This was not just a vision. This was the reality. No detail left missed. No plan left to chance. Somehow, despite some pretty rough weather the weekend before, they managed white fluffy clouds, blue skies and delicate sunshine. In essence, it all came together for them. Not just a little. But the whole shebang. Bone china coupled with beautiful flowers. A 'naked' cake in a variety of flavours. The Bride approaching the temple across the green, peacocks almost escorting her. A first dance on the bandstand, unprompted but perfectly executed. This was a day that I won't forget anytime soon. A magical day indeed!