Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography - Steph and Luke August 2016

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Stephanie and Luke

Wedding Photography in Surrey

"The Dutch are a very practical people - Famke Janssen"

That's a quote I couldn't disagree with. They are also quite an amazing laugh too. This is the Gate Street Barn wedding of Stephanie and Luke near Guildford in Surrey. A truly sensational day of good laughs, good times and fantastic people. Stephanie is the daughter of Rolf and Saskia. Already it should be easy to work out where the Dutch influence comes from. Steph is 'Dutchglish'. That is, I have no idea if she's Dutch or English. She grew up here in the UK. Her accent is very English. But she was heartbroken when Team GB won the women's hockey final at Rio (just thought I'd mention that one more time...not like I didn't get in enough trouble the first time). With that background the wedding was sure to have a unique twist. It seemed the whole family came over and it with them the traditions and a wonderful sense of occasion. They sang a song about the couple. They gave away totally unwanted family heirlooms (a family tradition it would seem). And they generally brought a massive sense of fun. Of course this takes nothing away from Luke's family who themselves weren't shy of a good time. Totally awesome day with totally awesome people.

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