Gate Street Barn Wedding - Ria and Matt August 2016

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Ria and Matt

Wedding Photography in Surrey

"Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone."

Gate Street Barn, the fantastic wedding venue in the heart of the Surrey Hills, plays hosts to Ria and Matt's summer wedding. The day was a rustic and full of charm as the venue itself. I caught up with Ria and the girls at the wonderful new (but extremely old) Gate Street Farmhouse. It's an ideal place for Brides and Grooms to get ready. In fact, you can both get ready there and just draw out some 'no go' areas so you can all stay separate ('s that big). Darren shadowed Matt and before I knew it we were full steam ahead into the ceremony. A poignant and touching affair. After the shower of confetti everyone settled into their happy place. With the available light I decided to defer the couple photographs until after the meal and speeches. Gorgeous light always comes later in the day and with this wedding it was also extremely practical. A short commemorative butterfly release immediately followed the speeches and once we returned from the couple shoot it was time for the evening party. Great dancing, especially by those who were nominated as meat carvers who decided it was just the right thing to do to continue to wear your apron whilst doing the Macarena (ok...there was no Macarena but the mental image is nice). A great day at a great venue.

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