Nicola and Jordan - A Christmas Military Wedding at Gate Street Barn December

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Nicola and Jordan

Recommened Photographer at Gate Street Barn

The spirits were with us. Or rather, just the one. A week on the vibe seems delightfully familiar. Yes, it's GIN! Oh and a wedding at Gate Street Barn. I met up with Nicola and the girls at The Guildford Harbour Hotel. Leaving nothing to chance in the centre of town 2 weeks before Christmas I arrived early and got my day off to calm coffee fueled start. The rooms are atmospheric which you can read as dark. But as a winter wedding photographer I relish the challenges and look for unique opportunities to make something pretty unique. I'm pleased with quite of few of the bolder images for sure. Darren met Jordan and most of the British military at Gate Street. Today wasn't necessarily unique owing to it being a military wedding. More that it was every branch. That's not something I've seen before. I like it. After a moving ceremony it was time to get one with making the most of the available light which later led to a nice evening image which I'm quite pleased with. Great speeches, a whooping mum and some crazy dancing rounded out another Gin filled day at one of Surrey's best wedding venues.