February Wedding at Gate Street Barn with Laurel and Alex February

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Laurel and Alex

Recommended Wedding Photographer at Gate Street Barn

Laurel and Alex. Oh wow. I mean. Where do I start? This was never going to be a 'normal' wedding (whatever that is). I was full expecting so emotion. Perhaps a bit of fun. A dabble of laughter. Maybe a tear or two. Crikey! I was blown away. This group were intense. For clarity, that's intense in a WONDERFUL way. I'm not just talking about the rowdy rugby guys. This was right from the couple down to all the guests. No need to hold back. Love it. For me it was one of those easy days. I get to stay in one location (all at Gate Street), see the new changes to the barn (amazing), photograph a gorgeous Bride (her soul simply shines) and see a day evolve from the hesitant moments of people arriving to the crazy dancing on a packed dance floor. I was so distracted with all the fun and good times when I left, I forgot all of my flashes (thank you Chris at Chess for saving me). A big thanks to Tandem Catering who, once again, knocked it out of the park (Ohh..I went all American on you there).