Wedding Photography at Gate Street - Kirst and Elliot July 2016

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Kirsty and Elliot

Wedding photography at one of Surrey's premier wedding venues

Here is Kirsty and Elliot. A wonderfully warm couple who allowed me to share in their wedding on a gorgeous summer's day at Gate Street Barn in the Surrey hills. Having met them quite a long time ago, a shared another chat with them at the Gate Street open day, I was really looking forward to this day. I wasn't wrong to be excited. What a day it was. It's the people who make a wedding and when the 'top two' are kind, gentle, caring and open, it always leads to a wedding that has these exact same qualities. I was welcomed with such warmth it was impossible not to be drawn in to their world. I didn't resist. Why would I? At every turn there was something that left its soul with me. The 'Sandy' video with the girls, my new main Bridesmaid squeeze in Esme, incredible and moving personal vows, the bouquet fist pump, the guys letting Elliot be taller, the amazing thank yous, protective eye wear, attacking drones, photo bombing bulls, the shots, bubbles and fully extended ankle lifts by Kirsty. Wow. Helping me on this day were the wonderful and talented Just Jane Catering, Gill Pike Florist and Chess Disco.