Anna and Dan - Summer Wedding at Gate Street Barn August 2017

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Anna and Dan

Wedding Photographer at Gate Street Barn

Fill your heart with love. This is Danna. Also known as Dan and Anna. A gorgeous Thursday wedding at the glorious Gate Street Barn in the Surrey Hills. This is what every wedding should be. Relaxed, filled with emotion, supported by family and friends with love all around. For me these are the cornerstones of amazing wedding photography. I say that almost tongue in cheek. I mean, on days like this its almost as easy as turning up and pushing the shutter. Ok, its more challenging than that. But the reality is that when you feel the love and connection of a wonderful couple its impossible for it not to come through in the images. I simply have to add my unique view on things and 'shazam'. I had an incredible day. I left with one wish. That my own wedding day (which was coming up in a few weeks) would be that warm. That connected. That emotional. It was a blueprint to what we wanted. Dan and Anna are so suited to each other. That was clear. From the way their guests love them. Individually and together. Thank you for letting me be a part of something amazing. Oh...just so you know. Your blueprint. Bingo. We did it too! :)