Nicola and Dan - The Walled Gardens at Cowdray Park July 2017

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Nicola and Dan

Sussex Wedding Photography

After a summer that had so far been a scorcher the winds picked up and the rain moved in. I often tell my couples that in all the weddings I've shot (nearly 500) there has only be 4 days of solid rain. Well, after last week and this week I can up that 6. But rain doesn't need to be a nemesis. You have to look to what makes these days unique. Whilst the The Walled Gardens are beautiful (and were in wonderful bloom) there's nothing that beat the love of a guests for their couple. Being in close quarters as the rain beats down has an alluring, romantic impact on a wedding day. With limited space everyone is in the same space, the vibe is electric and the conversation plentiful. All fantastic elements for a great day. On this day, I started at the venue with Dan. So no Bridal prep. So no, I didn't forget to shoot or post it. The family groups were 'creative' taking place in the gap between the two long tables for the meal. It was the only location we could do it. These 'challenges' lead to opportunities though. I found a glorious glasshouse to shoot Nicola and Dan in. It was perfect. With great speeches and a gorgeous presentation by Nicola's father it was a sensational day all around. The evening was highlighted by the fabulous DJ skills of Brian Mole and the guests did their bit to leave the rain a distant memory.