Zara and Stuart - Hampshire and New Forest Wedding Photography - Careys Manor April 2017

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Zara and Stuart

New Forest Wedding Photography

This was a set your alarm kind of wedding. A 9:15am start in the New Forest on a spring Saturday means an early rise for everyone involved. With an 11am ceremony its was all about structuring their day and for that, they did a superb job. Relaxed was the vibe and relaxed they were. I met with Zara and the girls (amongst others) at a farm house near Lymington. This was organised perfectly. Right up to the point where the car failed to turn up. Remember, I said they were relaxed. A novel solution was found involving the farmhouse neighbour, a 4x4 and a top Step Dad who drove the Bride and her Father to the venue in his Merc (which was originally for the Bridesmaids). Everyone is a winner I reckon. After the ceremony it was a mad dash outside to beat the rain. Formals completed and the coveted "Men in Kilts" shot remained. I'll just say I got more than I bargained for. A lot more. My eyes! I opted to shoot the couple photos straight due to the rain that was scheduled for an hours time. My app was spot on and I was glad to get them in the bag. After a top meal by the staff at Careys Manor the speeches brought on more than a few tears. Some for the love shared by Father and his Daugther. And of course those of the Groom when his Best Men gave a very detailed summary of his youthful past in front of his mother. The images speak for themselves. A Scottish Ceilidh mixed with dance floor classics (yes, this kind of hybrid band DOES exist) round out the evening for me. Thanks for a great day!